2019 Blockchain Projects who will survive this harsh times.

Updated: May 27, 2019

We all gonna remember year 2018 as a bloodbath.

2018 was an absolute disaster for blockchain projects. There are lot of projects who already faild this year. That shows us you have to done more than just raise funds or have uniqe idea. Blockchain projects who will surive this harsh times, will be thoese who will stand out and who will use this technology in ways that gets people exited and use in real life.

I cannot say that bear market is over and the bull run is on the conner , but if you surrive this harsh times you'll see remuneration once we see true bull rally(Mass Adoption)

I think 2019 and 2020 will be very interesting years, many inovations/upgrades will come in this time period. The crypto market has bottomed or it's close to it, so many investors will take there money out of Stock Market to reinvest into Cryptocurrencies. It may take a while, probably it may happen somewhere around 2019 Q3, before it starts become serious. Till then I'll continue to invest all may free assets to crypto market.

So I want to provide you my top cryptocurrency holdings for 2019 that I believe.

I wouldn't be involved in this market/vision unless i knew that there is something that was coming out of it and in the future there will, so the investments you make today doesn't sky rocket over night. I invest only in thoese projects who i believe and who in my opinion represents blockchain future potential.






6.Ethereum (ETH)

7.Ontology (ONT)



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