A Moving Average Trading Strategy

Welcome back, few weeks I taked off from Blog and Free Signal Group. Now I will post trading Tutorial and Ideas much more often, every week.

I hope everyone of you enjoyed summer and gained huge profits aswell.

Today I will share Trading technique that I use very often and it's pretty simple, one of the easiest ones and most important that this technique acctually works aswell.

As you can see now form the picture strategy is very simple all you need is MA(60). For this strategy I use 1h time frame. So when the candle breaks the Movinga Average line that's a buy signal, but only after the second confirmation candle(It's important).

To play this Strategy even safer, you have to add EMA(200), with EMA(200) you will know in which direction the trend goes.

With 200(EMA) you will Traide with a trend if you will not use 200(EMA) sometime you will trade against a trade and as we all know it's Dangerous, especially for beginners. You can use this strategy on 30min,15min Time frame as well.

For today Thats it, I hope you will enjoyed this tutorial and learned something new, till the next time.


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