Altcoin Season 2020

Hello everyone, this article will be about just about Altcoins and what is my oppinion about Altcoin Season. The main questtion for all of us:"Will there be another altcoin season?"

Most of the Crypto/Blockchain enthusiast hold Altcoins. Some of them even hold more altcoins than Bitcoin in their portfolio. I'm not gonna lie, I'm one of them.

Thats way I ask myself a questtion:"Will there be another altcoin season?" Past two years Altcoins still in a bear market. Nothing has changed, we all waiting for "Mass addoption".

Right now many of Altcoins are down 80%-90% from all time highs back in december 2017.

So most of us lost huge ammounts of money.

I remember old days November 2017, when most of crypto investors came into this game.

Everyone at that time period was Crypto/Blockchain guru, everyone had huge gains in their investment portfolio. At that time period you could choose and invest in any altcoin you wanted and made huge gains in one month period. Some of new investors easly made x500.

But as we see, thoese days are gone and if you invest now in altcoins you could get some gains , but mostly in the long term you gonna lose a lot of money.

Right now BTC dominance is almost 70%, so lot of people sell their altcoin to re-invest their money into the BTC as a Safe Investment. But most of us HODL no matter what.

If we look at BTC dominance chart we can see that strong ressistance zone are at 52% zone. So I think and that is only my opinion that if Bitcoin dominance against Altcoins will go below 50%, we can expect Altcoins to grow in value much faster then in the previous Bull Run.


This all are just a speculations. Just remember , be smart. Always keep in mind and observe when you're investing: Never invest money that you can't afford to lose.

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