Bitcoins New Years Technical Analysis

Happy New Year to everyone, I wish you all success, huge gains and most important health.

So new year, new hopes. I personally think that the year 2020 will be KickOff for crypto. I think we are a part of the future and after 10 years we all be glad that we was a part of it and doesn't freak out.

So let's look at the Bitcoin/USD 1h chart:

Right now Bitcoin price is around 7300/380 , like we can see from the chart few hours ago Bitcoin tried to break 7373$ Resistance zone and come back with bearish candle and break support zone at 7307$.

At the moment I think Bitcoin will try out one more time to break 7373$ Resistance zone and if it does that the next Resistance zone(Huge One) at 7443$, so we all need to take out our profits there and wait for Bitcoin next move.

But honestly I think we could see a little Bitcoin Drop, if Bitcoin will break the 7037$ support zone , we could see Bitcoin price at 6854$.

But If Bitcoin breaks 7443$ Resistance zone we could see bulls coming in, but be careful don't let them fool you.


Be carefull, trade smart and use Support/Resistance zones.


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