Blockchain Technology Will Change Everyday Life.

It feels very exicting to envolde in blockchain, feels like we are forefront from something , that has at least potential to change our lives, our transatcions between each other and corporations.

Right now there are many speculations, how blockchain will change our Lives?

How we integrate them? And is it necesery?

My Personal opinion that blockchain infrastucture will be everywhere(Healthcare,Military, Finance, Public Transport and General Public will all operate on the Blockchain.

“Blockchain is profound shift in how internet could be used to create new forms of value. It will impact every industrie the same way internet effect almost every industrie, so right now we are few steps away from Thechnology that will impact our lives”

Of coures there will be who will say that:”Blockchain is a big Lie” , " It’s a Scam” , “Ponzi” and we dont want to be part of it, so beat it, its here and it wont go away.

Remember year 2007, 1st generation iphone came out , there was lots of sceptical people who said, why i need Touchscreen on my phone , why i need digital camera on my phone, but inmagne your life without that technology now days? that ONE phone bring us one step futher exiting indastrial age.

Offcourse success is no way guarateed , one day we can look back and say:”Well Blockchain Technology wasn’t that great”, but if you ask me there is undoubtedly huge amount of progress that already is made , i have hard to believe that i’ve look back after several years and none of this end up happening , because we really see new way transactin value on internet.


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