BTC/USD Bullish Oppurtunity?

Updated: Dec 17, 2019

Let's look at the 1h chart because the price is aiming to break support zone and Bitcoin also going broke 1D downtrend line(what you can see on my previous post). Right now market gives us very good bullish signals, which can be used for opening long positions.

We got a price reversal from 7090 support zone. Market tried to break this support, but sellers failed once again. This gives us idea that the market has a plan to be more bullish.

All these signals allow us to say that the market can move upward. At least the market has such a plan.

My Game plan right now is to put buy order when Bitcoin will break 7283 resistance level and I will take profit on 7360, because 7373 is very strong resistance zone and i assume there will be consolidating. After that my next target will be 7443.

Good Luck Guys.


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