Cardano (ADA) Buy The Dip.

Cardano (ADA) has proven itself as a stable cryptocurrency when compared to other cryptocurrencies in the market. Right now I can't believe how many people are dumping Cardano. If you understand purpose of Cardano and you understand that there is market and that people gonna invest in Cardano , because of the technology behind it.

You probablly will not dump your ADA coins right now, but you will buy the dip and leave it them at least for 1 year.

So Yes, Cardano is a good long term investment and the next generation cryptocurrency.

I think Cardano still waiting a good moment to getting high and many of us still waiting for a good news from Cardano team.

Of Course Cardano is still at the beginning of it's journey, but their developers has a huge knowledge backgraund(Charles Hoskinson and Jeremy Wood) and we know that the team behind the cryptocurrency has the biggest impact on how the coin will develop.

If everything happens according to plan, ADA will be one of the cryptocurrencies you’d wish you had in your portfolio.


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