COVID-19 impact On Investment Markets

This time for all of us is very uniqe and new. I never thought in my life that something like this would happen. Last year I wroted that 2020 will be intresting year and we will probably see Stock Market crash, but this situation is lot more different.

The whole world right now is frozen and we all are waiting that this nightmare will end.

Right now this is just beginning, I don't want to scared anyone, but the future isnt that bright at all. 2007/2008 year financial crisis is nothing, this time it will be bigger and a lot of hard working people will lose their income , their home and assets. 2007/2008 Crisis was because of us. At that time period people was very greedy,everyone jumed into the real-estate game, borrowed money from the banks, bought luxuary items. But this time is diffrent, we have pandemic in the whole world. Virus starting to hit export and imports,lots of factories across China remain closed in an attempt by firms and authorities to stop the spread of the coronavirus. The worst hit are facing/Faces:"Tourism,Food business, Computer and communications firms and of course health care". The biggest risk isnt that the virus is killing elderly people or people with serious health problems, but it can overwhelm the hospital system, right now the world isnt prepered for this and if this will happen, it will destory our financial system badly.


I saw a lot of articles that Covid-19 will raise Bitcoin price to the new level. But if we think rationally, there will be huge Bitcoin Dump if the situation will getting worse. The will be a panic sale , people will not invest their money into the crypto space anymore, because they probably will not have free assets. The same applies to Altcoins, but they will crash even worst than bitcoin. Lots of Altcoins will die, even those who said they have special deal or partnership with goverment, right now goverment doesn't have a time to deal with somekind of blockchain project, they now have much serious problem now to resolve.

So if you ask me, Is this the right time to invest your money into the crypto space? My answer will be no. Same applies to Stock market, Down Jones for almost 10 years only was going up. Right now Banks needs liquid money, so for the long term investors this isnt the right time to come into the market. Right now Trump needs to find Covid-19 vaccine immediatley or Wall Street will crash.

Guys be healthy,thats the important thing right now. Make smart moves and everything will be allright for us.

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