EOS... Great opportunity?

Hi there!! In this article i will explain what is eos and what i like and dont like in this project?

So what is EOS?

EOS is a general purpose smart contract blockchain created by Dan Larimer. EOS has chosen to focus on speed, scalability, and an user experience.

EOS is similar like Etherium. Eos wants to be decentralized computer, basically a platform for smart contracts . The biggest diference between EOS and Etherium is that EOS wants to be unlimited , that means no limits on transactions and it's supposed to allow to run diffrent apps parallel to each other, so no blocks , it does that by allowing applications on the EOS system to run parallel to each other, which means not everyone has to mine everything, this works in a way where blocks can seperate into strings and these strings then gets connected and obviously this means that it doesn't collude so much and not everything has to run at the same time, things can be actually be split up.

Fees? Eos fee system is absolute amazing. EOS doesn't charge any fees. Eos fees are being paid from the inflation of the coins, 5% every year of extra coins will be distributed over those coin producers.

So..The Main question, Is EOS great investment opportunity?

Yes/No , I think EOS is going to be centralized after all , based on their planned DPOS consensus. I think blockchain need to be decentralized as possible, this is biggest reasion why i'm not EOS fan boy, but as a investment opportunity Eos will be there and the price will go up drastically.

Biggest reasion why i'm invested in EOS is the fact that Dan Larimer created EOS , thats the strongest reasion why i'm invested in EOS.

Dan Larimer has proven himself to follow through and execute projects with utmost precision at the highest level of quality.

YES, EOS is a great investment



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