Fantastic long-term investment Opportunity.

Most of us miss the "amazon inc" opportunity, but right now we have other chance to kick back. And i think this could be much better opportunity for all of us. If we compare JD and Amazon, this company owns it's entire logistics network from warehouses to it's delivery guys. Right now JD.COM stock price is undervalued, one of the biggest reasons why it's because it doesn't report much profit insted it takes that money and reinvest back to the commpany. And this is what most uf us wants to see, that means commpany will get Bigger year by year.

More About JD.COM

JD.COM is China’s leading one-stop e-commerce platform, providing over 300 million active customers with direct access to an unrivalled range of authentic, high-quality products.

CEO Richard Liu founded the commpany as a tiny offline hardware store and today JD.COM is the second largest E-Commerce Company in the World.

JD.COM is the only large-scale e-commerce company in the world to operate a nationwide in-house logistics network, down to the last mile. The network, powered by the company’s proprietary supply chain management technology, is able to deliver over 90% of orders same- or next-day, and reaches 99% of China’s population.

JD.COM also focuses on implementation of new technologies in e-commerce, finance and logistics. With the new research center, the company aims to help develop “Smart City” construction suing blockchain technologies, big data, and artificial inteligance (AI).


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