I know one day i'm gonna be far from where I Am...

I'm even more optimistic for the future of blockchain technology than I was 12 months ago. Price is just a small part of the entire equation. This Bear market is a gift - If you thought that you are late for the party last year? I have great news for you. You've got another chance.

Right now we are into that phase where Blockchain technology is still too complicated for most companies to use, the technology it self right now is unbuilt and untested. The Fomo about Mass adoption comming in the next year is just from new investors who has no clue about what blockchain technology is and what it can do for society. In the future there will be Mass adoption for blockchain technology , but we're still few years away , before that happens.

Are we growing wiser this year?

Can we predict the future? Can we see Storm coming?

But I can say you that , the 2019 will be intresting for Bitcoin and whole cryptocurrency community.

  • Nasdaq is planning to list BTC futures in q1 of 2019.

  • Bakkt will launch it's contracts on Jan. 24 2019.

  • Bitcoin ETF in 29 December 2018, Final deadline is 27 feb. 2019

These are upcoming events you need to prepere you portfolio.

Take a look at Neurochain , who in my opinion is a Future of blockchain technology.

They have a wise team behind the company, they don't have priorities to spend money on new exchanges or costly marketing campains. Right now Neurochain just keeps moving towards on it's road map and they focusing on getting the product out of the door.

Neurochain will be one of the cryptocurrencies you’d wish you had in your portfolio.

Bruno Delahaye and the Neurochain Team, Thanks for the hard work. Viva La France.


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