Investing into the coins that is on top10. Is it safe?

Investing your fiat into the top10 coins is not a safe move.

Look At the Picture:

No It's Not Safe at all.

You will notice that few coins are still there on top 3, but most of theme are not.

Crypto World changes day by day, Blockchain technology gets better and better, so to avoid the risk you need to create powerfull portfolio.


Low Risk Coins 20% of your Portfolio (BTC,ETH,XRP)

Medium Risk Coins 50% of your Portfolio (ADA, EOS, NEO)

High Risk Coins 30% (Every New project).

How we all know Im very passionate about blockchain project Neurochain and right now Neurochain is on my High Risk Coin category. because I understand the risk, but i believe the Team and the project.

So every project who you believe and who would have real life use and who's not on top50 put on High Risk category.

You wanna build portfolio by the finding your risk you want, the purpose he needs to fill and the size of investment you making and remember grow your portfolio slowly.


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