Right Time To Invest?

Updated: Sep 20, 2018

So Is Now A Good Time To Invest?

Market Dips Lower Day by Day , more and more people choosing to dip out. Mostly because they cannot handle the pressure these 8 months.

So my opinion :"this is the best time to double your investments." Invest your money only into those projects who you believe and prepere your self for the Next Bull physically and mentally.

There will be several bull runs into the next few years, market gonna grow and corect. Cryptomarket space is so young right now and there is so much potential, so you really need to be a fool to not invest into the cryptocurrency right now.

In the Next bull run all of us will be cashing out and taking profits. And that's when the mainstream media is going to be giving the general public permision to finally buy in when we're cashing out, it's like what happened at the end of last year. Lot of people heard of storys about other people earning huge gains on their crypto investments. Do you really think does people who had huge gains got in at q4 2017?

Probably not, they bought in months earlier or years earlier. I think it's gonna happen again, and if you think 2017 was one in the life time and crypto gonna go to the Zero. I can give you a hint, it happens every year.

If you consider that last year BTC this time was 4,4k USD, and it got to 20k USD by end of the year. Now BTC Price 6,4k USD.... so imagine where can we go by the end of the year with BTC.


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