Matrix AI (Man) Sleeping Gigant

Hello everyone and Happy Christmas for all of you. As we know I'm allways looking for new crypto projects to invest , even in the Christmas time. But lately my attention attracted Matrix AI (Man).

I have written this before, that Blockchain and AI is the future technology. AI is now making it's way to our everyday lives. I think after 10 years from now we couldn't imagine our Lives without AI and Blockchain technology.

What Makes AI technology so special?

AI is technology that gives computers ability to learn , and cummunicate , like humans. So AI will make our lives More Efficient Every Day.

What is the Matrix AI Network?

The Matrix AI Network consists of two major components: an AI-training platform and a high-performance AI-enhanced public blockchain. Both work in concert to improve the three core elements of AI technology: computing power, data and AI model.

The Matrix AI Network AI Platform is an AI-training ecosystem built on the Matrix AI Network Blockchain that uses the Matrix AI Network Blockchain to verify data assets, ensure data privacy and manage computing power resources. The ultimate goal is to train AI models to make AI technology more accessible and affordable. Matrix is aiming to advance the practice of AI technology.

Matrix’s core technical team consists of two teams — Matrix Space and Matrix AI — comprising over 40 well-respected and influential AI scientists, chip scientists, communication scientists and blockchain technologists. Matrix’s operations team comprises young, passionate, and energetic people from around the world with experience in community management and ecosystem construction.

Matrix AI Features

Auto-Coding/Intelligent Conracts.

One of the most intresting Matrix AI features, it gives you abbility to make your own Matrix Intelligent Contracts using Natural Language.

What Natural Language Programming is?

The smallest unit of statement in NLP(Natural Language Programming) is a sentence. Each sentence is stated in terms of concepts from the underlying ontology, attributes in that ontology and named objects in capital letters.

AI-Powored Cybersecurity

AI-powered Secure Virtual Machine identifies potential loopholes and malicious intentions while ensuring robustness under high-intensity attack using a generative adversarial network. Dark Guardian uncovers malware and other illegal activities.

Generative adversarial network is a combination of two neural networks. One is used revise existing programs for smart contracts and the other learns to generate hacker programs from random samples. It will attack it's own ecosystem and improve itself.

Value-Added/Green Mining

Dynamic Delegation Network

Proprietary network hierarchy created with a distributed random clustering process without centralized control enables hybrid PoS + PoW consensus mechanism – dubbed HPoW or Hyper PoW – and reduces transaction latency.

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