Matrix AI (Technical Analysis) Buy Now or Wait.

Hello, today we gonna look at the Matrix(MAN)/Bitcoin(BTC) chart to find best possible scenario. If we look at the chart we can see that MAN is bearish against Bitcoin.

Matrix is very closte to Support zone at 0.000000358, if it breaks that support zone Matrix could lose his value against Bitcoin.

Stochastic indicator shows oversold signal.

Bollinger band-Short on Matrix (Man)

EMA 9 - Short on Matrix(Man)

Bitcoin Dominance exceeds (1D Chart) That means most of the Altcoins will go down against Bitcoin.


Is it the right time to buy? For me who doesn't trade Matrix AI (MAN) token, but just hodl. YES. New Investors I would suggsest to wait few days and look at the chart, because if Matrix will break the Support zone at 0.000000358, the Matrix price will go down a lot.

For day traders I would probably go short on Matrix AI (MAN).

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