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You know that feeling when you are Super Hyiped about your investment/next investment? And you ready to invest all your Money into one Project, no matter what?

I just find one.

Today one of my Friends introduce me to the blockchain project called Neuorchain.

Neurochain ICO was 4months ago and right now we have oppurtunity to Invest in Neurochain less than ico price was. The ICO price was 0.08€ and now 0.026€.

So What is Neurochain?

Neurochain is new Genaration of protocol that intigrates artificial intelligence and machine learning to recreate a new step in the way blockchain is going to be deployed and implemented in societies.

Neurochain is based on artificial intelligence and machine learning, it means that Neurochain will use those algorithms to improve the performance of the distributed system, and after that machine learning and artificial intelligence will benefit from the distributed system. That means after several years will achive collaborative artificial intelligence ecosystem. It means that all bots will collaborate with each other and all the bots will benefit from the experience of the other bots.

Neurochain has a great Team behind them and they have achive lot.

French Goverment are intrested into the Neurochain.

They Have Partnership with Chinese blockchain research center, partnership with Japanese banking consortium.

Most Amaizing Thing in my opinion that will give value to this project is that using Neurochain technology, customs agents will be able to verify ownership, transaction records, tax and tariff receipts, etc.  If additional information is needed, it will all be available in the decentralized blockchain and this in my opinion this will give real life value to this project.

So, i finally find Project that will work and may be used in multiple sectors: Logistic,Banks,Transport, Health care and General Public these all sectors will give real value to this project and i think after 1-2years Neurochain will be one of the Top Blockchains out there.

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