Speculations versus Investments, your choice.

Updated: Jul 11, 2019

These days bitcoin are doing pretty well and most of investors are waitting for altcoin season for massive gains. But I think that this time there won't be any dumb money like we see on December 2017.

This time everything will be diffrent, we will not see huge gains on every blockchain project. The main reassion why we would not see those massive gains on every project, is because this time there won't be newbie investors, who will invest their saving on every blockchain project and does who burn themself will sell quickly as possible and never re-invest back.

Remember 2017 Altcoin seassion , every project gained massive gains, no matter where you invested.

Projects like Dogecoin, Verge ,Redcoin etc. gained massive gains. I remember time when i invested 100$ on Verge( I dont remeber price, but i got 25k-30k Verge Tokens for 100$).

After almost 3months my 100$ investment turned into almost 6k investment, thats almost 60x and that happened with almost every project.

And my dumbest decision? Is that i didnt sell at all time high.

Greed is answer for everything and the funniest part is that I predict bitcoin/atlcoin crash like most of us, but like i said it before we all get too greedy.

That was great life leassion, but that will not happening any more, it will but with different scenario.

The price for cryptocurrency will grow organic, the market it self will eliminate shit coins from great projects. Ofcourse the will be bitcoin bubble, but not like that. The BTC price will grow steady and eliminate investors without knowledge.

Do I think Im professional investor?

Not at all, I made lot of mistakes in this time. I invest with fomo and reinvest lot of money in projects who i believe, but thats now the right thing to do in this time. The main reassion is that Blockchain technology developing very fast and what you think is future for blockchais as technology next month can be the past and not allways your future predictions are right.

So right thing to do in this time period is to invest in several projects, don't reinvest in the same project over and over again.

Remember always analyze your investments and ask your self which is safer investment?

Another Bitcoin clone with a pure hype strategy,spending money and focusing on new exchanges and hoping that their marketing will pay off to hire real tech team to finaly fix and improve a blockchain, make it faster 100x or , a project that builds new and groundbreaking tech from the ground, knowing that they have killer product to market when they've finnished? Speculations verus Investments, your choice.

Keep your eyes open, read , study the market and be smart with your money. There are and will be lot of opportunities for massive gains.


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